Human Resources


The main purpose of Demir Group Human Resources Policy is to be one of the best examples in its sector in line with the company’s goals and strategies with a merit and people-oriented approach. In this direction, it adopts a transparent and people-oriented Human Resources Management approach that supports development and change.

Our Human Resources Policies, which we have created based on this approach, are as follows:

To respect the knowledge, know-how, equipment and experience of all our employees and to create equal working and labor conditions for all employees in line with the objectives of our company without discriminating any employee.

To prioritize the development of our employees at all levels in line with the Group’s goals and strategies and to support continuous development.

To observe equal opportunity based on Group values, ethical principles and relevant laws.

To follow a transparent and open management policy for reliable and sustainable communication.

To not discriminate among employees on ethnic issues such as age, race and gender.

To maintain the loyalty of our employees to the organization in a fair and safe working environment where all employees can benefit from equal opportunities.

To create a harmonious and safe working environment, trust, open and honest communication between the organization and employees.

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