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Ukraine Ges Power Plant

This is a 2.3MW solar power plant to be built in Ukraine in 2021. In addition to contributing to the region’s energy production, it will play a leading role in technology and innovation, providing energy and employment to the region.

Solar Power Plant in Kenya

Kenya is a country rich in solar energy potential, with favourable conditions for solar energy projects across the country.

Solar energy potential is particularly high in several regions of Kenya due to its proximity to the equator. In addition, the Kenyan government has a strong commitment and investment in sustainable energy sources and supports projects.

The main objective of the government’s development and support of these projects is to increase access to electricity in rural areas, ensure energy security and promote environmental sustainability.


Unit2HA is developing an investment target in Kenya to capitalize on its solar energy potential. As Kenya is economically and environmentally advantageous for the installation of solar energy systems, Unit 2HA aims to reduce dependence on traditional energy sources by contributing to energy investments here, and to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting environmental sustainability by increasing solar energy investments.

The investment objective is to invest in solar energy in Kenya with an emphasis on environmental sensitivity, meeting energy needs, supporting sustainability and providing social benefits. In line with the investment objective, Unit 2HA plans to build a licensed solar power plant in Kenya with a total installed capacity of 1200 MW, with a first phase of 600 MW.

UNIT 2HA’s investment objective for the Kenya Solar Power Plant is to meet the energy needs of the region, promote sustainability and provide social benefits. The solar power plant, which will be located on 4037 acres of land in Rumuruti town, Laikipia County, will have a total installed capacity of 1200 MW, with a first phase of 600 MW.

The UNIT 2HA solar power plant’s contribution to nature in numbers; Annual production of 1,800,000,000 kWh

871,200 tons of C02 carbon emissions avoided

2,120,000 trees purchased

Production equivalent to the electricity needs of 300,000 households

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