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With the comprehensive solutions we offer in the insurance sector, we minimize risks by providing reliable and innovative insurance services to our clients.

DAY Insurance

Day Insurance Agency provides services in Istanbul Şişli and Beylikdüzü districts.

The corporate culture of a company is formed by its characteristics that distinguish it from others.

DAY SİGORTA was established in 2017 within DEMİR GROUP, a leading company in the construction of thousands of apartments, many workplaces, housing projects, schools and squares in different regions of Istanbul since 1984, to provide professional services to corporate and individual clients in the insurance sector in the fields of fire, earthquake, vehicle, housing, transportation, engineering, liability, health, life and pension.

The production capacity, export-import volume, the majority of industrial facilities and the high level of productivity they bring, make the need for professional insurance imperative.

Offering elementary, life and health products under the same roof; DAY SİGORTA makes life easier for its clients by providing them with alternatives for their various insurance needs and by gathering their various insurance needs under one roof.

Accurate Identification of Client Needs;

DAY SİGORTA provides protection at the most affordable price by conducting insurance product studies in accordance with the real needs of clients. DAY SİGORTA provides the most accurate and suitable offers as a result of risk analysis by creating customized policies through risk management for corporate clients.

What we understand by being the best;

-Being preferred by clients and ensuring the satisfaction of them, being sensitive to the environment,

Being aware of the social responsibilities, effective, respectful to the rules and laws, shown as a reference...

Our basic principles to achieve these goals;

-To offer competitive products to our clients when evaluated together with our service quality.

-To be fast before and after sales.

-To be always accessible.

-To think creatively and innovatively in order to offer the best at all times and in every field.

Keeping our promises;

-Standing behind the promises we make.

-Being consistent in what we say and do.

-To inspire confidence in others.

-To be perceived as respectable and honest.


-To evaluate the situation comprehensively, simply and as it is.

-To adopt a positive, realistic, constructive and impartial approach to events.

-To use resources effectively in achieving the desired result.

-To follow the developments in the sector and in the field, in order to improve processes and services in this way.

-To propose new methods and solutions and ensure their implementation.


-Being client-oriented, putting the client first and taking responsibility to provide the best service.

-Taking the necessary actions to respond to the expectations and needs of internal and external clients in the most effective way.

-Protecting your interests with our expert staff, making the right evaluations, making the right product, the right pricing.

As DAY SİGORTA, we provide 24/7 professional service from the following companies. As TA, we provide 24/7 professional service from all of the following companies.

  • Allianz Sigorta
  • Anadolu Sigorta
  • Axa Sigorta
  • Unico Sigorta (Aviva)
  • Doğa Sigorta
  • Dubai Sigorta
  • Ergo Sigorta
  • Groupama Sigorta
  • Koru Sigorta
  • Ray Sigorta
  • Ankara Sigorta
  • Aksigorta
  • Mapfre Genel Sigorta
  • Sompo Japan Sigorta
  • Eureko Sigorta
  • Hdi Sigorta
  • Güneş Sigorta
  • Sbn Sigorta
  • Türk Nippon
  • Generali Sigorta

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