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With our strong experience in the mining sector, we embrace sustainable mining practices by efficiently processing natural resources.

Sivas Marble Quarry

The black marble quarry of Sivas is one of the most important natural resources of the region. Black marble is a preferred material in architecture, interior design and construction sector with high aesthetic value. In the quarry of Sivas, the extraction of black marble is carried out by studying the geological structure and using appropriate techniques, by carefully carrying out mining activities and keeping the environmental impact under control. The black marble field of Sivas is considered as an important resource for industrial use as well as contributing to the economy of the region. However, all necessary measures are taken to manage the natural resources in a sustainable way and to minimize the environmental impact.

Bayburt Marble Quarry

The Bayburt quarry, located in the village of Demirözü in Bayburt, contains a gray marble field. Gray marble is an important building material preferred for aesthetics and durability in the construction sector. Activities at the Bayburt quarry are carried out using geological analysis and modern mining techniques.

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