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About Us

As Demir Group, we have been providing services in various fields since 1984 with 8 different companies in two main branches, mainly construction and investment. We are proud of our more than 200 suppliers in Türkiye and abroad and our employment power of 10,000 people.

We are happy to have served thousands of people, both commercial and residential, with Demir İnşaat, one of the locomotive companies of our group and the sector. Our focus has always been on sustainability in the construction sector or in other sectors in which we invest. With our respect for nature and society, our 40 years of experience and our wide investment network, we carry out activities that contribute to the country’s economy and employment. Demir Group, which is getting stronger day by day, continues to carry out signature projects not only in Türkiye but also in the world by working internationally not only in the construction sector but also in the energy sector. With our energy investments, we say “a safe future for nature and the environment” and we continue to make significant investments in renewable energy sources.