Ayışığı Vadi Evleri

Ayışığı Vadi Evleri

Make a Wish and Have a House in Moonlight

Make a Wish Have a House in Ayışığı

Make a Wish, Have a House in Ayışığı With the difference of Demir İnşaat, breathing, comfortable and spacious living spaces with a unique view come to life with Ayışığı Vadi Houses located in the center of Beylikdüzü.

With its modern architecture, Ayışığı Vadi Houses have unique features that include many social activities that a modern city dweller needs, where you will feel completely safe and where every square meter of your home is designed with maximum efficiency.

The construction of Ayışığı Vadi Houses started in January 2011 and was completed in April 2013.

Ayışığı Vadi Houses consists of 6 blocks with 11 floors and 489 apartments on an area of 15 thousand square meters. The project has apartment options from 1+1 to 4+1. The project includes high quality residential units, rich and well-planned sports and living areas, entertainment units, shopping and commercial units.

Ayışığı Vadi Houses offers its residents a comfortable life in the center of Beylikdüzü. The most important feature of Ayışığı Vadi Houses, which offers a wide range of opportunities to raise the standard of living, are the terraced apartments between the 1st and 5th floors in each block. In this way, residents have the opportunity to create their own green world.

Peaceful and Active Living in Ayışığı Vadi Houses: Enjoy Modern Comfort

In Ayışığı Vadi Houses, 70 percent of the project area is reserved for green spaces, sports facilities and social living areas. Residents will be offered a peaceful life where they can find everything they want away from the chaos and noise of the city. In Ayışığı Vadi Houses, everything the residents need to pamper themselves is right next to them... Turkish bath, sauna, steam bath, massage room, Jacuzzi are just some of them... Children are not forgotten with kindergarten and children’s club, children’s pool, outdoor playground, indoor playground.

The residents of Ayışığı Vadi Houses enjoy a healthy life with basketball and volleyball courts, tennis courts, squash, table tennis, outdoor Olympic swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, walking path, bicycle path, fitness center and vitamin bar. Residents of Ayışı Vadi Houses will be able to regain the time stolen by the fast pace of life and busy business life thanks to the café, restaurant, movie theater, hairdresser, tailor, dry cleaner, valet service, car service and private market service. Residents have the opportunity to fulfill the time-consuming needs of daily life in a quick and practical way without leaving the complex.

Combination of Advanced Technology and Comfort in Ayışığı Vadi Homes

Practical Living and Safety Priorities

Washing machines and dryers can be installed in the storeroom of each apartment, and all the items that create clutter at home can be systematically placed in this room.

One of the most important services offered by Ayışığı Vadi Houses is the thermostatic valves used in the apartments to ensure maximum savings in energy costs. Features such as a generator, fire and natural gas alarm system and card access system guarantee a safe life for the residents. A three-story indoor parking lot is also among those considered for the comfort of the residents. The project will also include a health center that will provide first aid in case of accidents and injuries. In addition, the residents of Ayışığı Vadi Houses will have the opportunity to go to the metro, shopping centers and markets with the free shuttle service exclusive to the site, which will be launched after the delivery of the apartments.

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